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Revolutionizing the Client and Therapist Massage Experience

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A Revolutionary Approach to Massage


Knowledge is Power

We believe there is power in knowing as many details about the body and the way it works. Our therapists go through a comprehensive training process with Massage Revolution to ensure that we are able to give our clients the best experience possible. Whether you’re focused on relaxation, healing injuries, or getting every single kink worked out, we have the therapist to fit your needs.

From working with clients for over 10 years, we know the importance of ongoing education, and therefore it is our mission to bring clients the best and brightest in the field. We also believe our clients receive the best care when we take care of our therapist. That is why we are the first massage therapy company to focus on providing the platform to help our therapists reach their educational and career goals. For some that means continuing to fine-tune their skill set in order to be able to offer additional services to our clients, to others, that means building a clientele and one day starting their own Massage Revolution franchise.

Customize Your Wellness

  • Relaxation

  • Rehabilitation

  • Recovery

All Natural Products

All massages are performed with our proprietary, all natural products and all essential oils are organic and free from chemicals and perfume.

Relax and Trust

No two bodies perform the same. At Massage Revolution, our therapists know this and learn the specifics of your needs. No longer do you have to worry that you’re getting the same massage as the next person. Our massages are customized to the needs of our clients. We learn the intricacies of your muscles, specific reactions, restrictions, and abilities. You will leave not only with relief but with suggestions on how to keep you feeling your best.

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Andrea has been helping me since my life-threatening spinal surgery in 2010. She has what I call “magic fingers”. She truly has been blessed with the gift of healing. She always knows and finds a spot/s that you never knew was the source or that it was the trouble spot. Now that I am able to go twice a month, I look forward to a lot more of Andrea’s healing hands on my back and body. These regular massages help with the nerve issues that I experience in my back and legs. Andrea’s massages have always helped me when I have spasms around my surgery area. My back is a necessity but I do love the neck, head and face massages with hot towels that smell so good. So relaxing! Book an appointment. You won’t be disappointed.

Charlotte Daniel-Croslin

I am an incredibly busy mother of five and I have seen a lot of massage therapist in my lifetime. She is extraordinary not only does she get to the pain and the knots, but she does it in such a way that you don’t want to cry she also makes you feel good along the way. I actually had less pain when I left, was so encouraged!!!

Cheryl Striegel Walker, Your Content Goes Here

Andrea can take some chiropractors I know out of business. One massage by Andrea saves you two chiro visits. Save your money on chiropractors and go to her. She really knows what she’s doing. My back is addicted to Andrea. When back misses her it lets me knot, I mean know.

Pio Del Castillo, Your Content Goes Here

Massage Revolution Therapy Examples

Plantar Fasciitis

Pain in your feet, especially when attributed to Plantar Fasciitis can be relieved or even alleviated with some very specific calf work. Often, clients who have spent years using other methods to find relief have experienced amazing results in just 1-2 sessions!

Sciatic Pain

The sciatic nerve can send painful sensations all the way down the leg. On occasion, these sensations can be triggered by muscles around the nerve not functioning properly. Massage Revolution’s therapists receive specific training that will leave you feeling your best.

Carpal Tunnel

It’s common for numbness and tingling in the forearms and hands to be attributed to carpal tunnel syndrome. But sometimes, the pain can actually be referring from the neck. Let our experts help you determine what’s really going on.

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